Duplex Industrial Water Softener

Water Softener in Dubai UAE

Duplex Industrial Water Softener is the most efficient way to make your water soft, it uses less water while producing a high volume of soft water. This system is easy to install and maintain and will save you time and money. It is simple, reliable and efficient!

Our Duplex Industrial Water Softener is ideal for commercial, residential and industrial use. Its large capacity makes it an excellent choice for those with high-end water treatment needs. This system provides you with great tasting water that’s free of salt, limescale and dirt, making it perfect for drinking as well as using in your car or truck.

Our Duplex Industrial Water Softener uses ion exchange to produce soft water, with a higher concentration of sodium and magnesium ions. The exchange process requires electricity and requires more brine (salt) than standard water softeners but produces a soft product that can be used on a more industrial scale.

Protects the efficiency of your boiler and improves the quality of hot water for laundry, washrooms, dishwashing and other industrial processes.

Duplex Industrial Water Softener great solution for villa, Companies, Industries, hotels, Camps, Buildings.

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