6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet

Aqua Best Ultraviolet UV 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet In Dubai UAE

Aqua Best Provides UV 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet in Dubai UAE

Aqua Best Ultraviolet UV 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet in Dubai UAE

Aqua Best Ultraviolet 6 GPM aqua Best UV water sterilizer is best for your house. It can keep your entire family safe from all water related problems. Choose Aqua Best and stay safe. Aqua Best is committed to give best water filtration system in Dubai.

Aqua Best Ultraviolet high quality Pure UV Ultraviolet Water sterilization systems provide a 99.99% reduction in bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts. Standard Aqua Best UV-Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer units deliver a 30,000mw/cm UV dose at a 254 nm wave length (at rated flow). Standard units have an audible and visible on/off lamp failure alarm, optional models sophisticated with UV intensity monitor to advice the safety wave length and elapsed time meter to advice when the lamp is to be replaced are also available


  1. Heavy duty stainless steel pressure vessel
  2. Heavy duty quartz sleeve
  3. High output, hard glass UV lamps for maximum efficiency
  4. CE ballast with lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer
  5. Ceramic end cap of UV lamp
  6. 30000mic. watt sec/cm2 at energy of 253.7nm wave length
  7. Working pressure 125PSI
  8. Low power consumption
  9. 9000 hours lamp life (approx. 1 year of use)
  10. 110/220V, 50HZ/60HZ
  11. Vertical or Horizontal installation
  12. UV light Monitor available

13 reviews for 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet

  1. Riley (verified owner)

    Pure Aqua, available through Aqua Best UAE, offers high-quality water treatment solutions, including RO systems. Pure Aqua systems are known for their reliability, performance, and advanced features, making them ideal for commercial and industrial use.

  2. Gustavo (verified owner)

    Water Filtration System for the Home: Create a safe haven for your family by installing a water filtration system specifically designed for residential use, providing clean and purified water from every faucet.

  3. Zechariah (verified owner)

    Domestic Water Purification System: Safeguard your family’s health with a domestic water purification system that effectively removes harmful substances, sediments, and microorganisms, ensuring pure and fresh water for everyday use.

  4. Ahmar  (verified owner)

    Water Purifier System for Home: Protect your household from water contaminants with a home water purifier system, utilizing advanced technologies like activated carbon and UV sterilization for comprehensive filtration.

  5. Tony (verified owner)

    Am using aqua best 8 stage Best System.

  6. Alejandro (verified owner)

    Aqua Best UAE specializes in the best commercial reverse osmosis systems, delivering high-quality and reliable water treatment solutions for commercial applications. These systems are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of businesses.

  7. Daniyal (verified owner)

    Water Filter Suppliers in Dubai: Find reputable water filter suppliers in Dubai, offering a wide range of filtration solutions, including carbon filters, reverse osmosis systems, and UV sterilizers, to meet your specific needs.

  8. Trenton (verified owner)

    Aqua Best is a leading water filter supplier, renowned for their exceptional products and services. With their cutting-edge filtration systems, they ensure clean and safe drinking water. Their standout feature is the complimentary one-year service, including installation, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for customers. Trust Aqua Best for your water filtration needs.

  9. Seth (verified owner)

    Water Filtration System Suppliers in UAE: Connect with reliable water filtration system suppliers in the UAE, offering a wide selection of products from trusted brands, tailored to meet the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

  10. Adam (verified owner)

    Aqua Best Water Filter Supplier in Dubai is a trusted name in the industry. Whether for domestic, commercial, or industrial needs, their RO systems ensure the highest quality water. With professional installation and a complimentary one-year service, customers can rely on Aqua Best for pure and safe water every day.

  11. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Aqua Best water filters provide hassle-free installation, with filter cartridges designed for maximum effectiveness. Our advanced filtration technology removes impurities, ensuring pure, great-tasting water for you and your family. Experience the difference today.

  12. admin

    I had a great experience with Aquafilteruae.ae’s team. They were patient and understanding with all my questions and concerns, and helped me select the perfect water filter for my home. I feel much better knowing that my family is drinking clean, filtered water.

  13. Frank (verified owner)

    Aqua Best water filters boast seamless installation with user-friendly instructions. Their high-quality filter cartridges effectively remove impurities, providing crystal-clear water. Trust Aqua Best for reliable, long-lasting filtration solutions that exceed expectations.

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