Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filtration System

The Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filtration System is a complete, ready-to-go product that increases the capacity of your filter system and provides natural biological processes to maintain balanced aquarium conditions.

The Sand Carbon Jumbo Filter is great for removing contaminants from your aquarium. It’s jumbo in size and perfect for large aquariums with increased bio-load. The system includes a filter with media, fittings, and an air pump to supply bubbles for water circulation.

Our sand and carbon filter combo provides you with the best filtration system for your aquarium. Sand filter media is a natural way to reduce ammonia and nitrites, while the activated carbon removes discolorations and foul tastes from water by adsorption. This combination is perfect for any freshwater or saltwater tank.

Jumbo Water Filter in Dubai

Multi Media Whole House Water Filter Solution in Dubai UAE

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