Sand & Carbon Filtration System

A Sand & Carbon Filtration System is a type of water treatment system commonly used to purify and clean water by removing impurities, sediments, and contaminants. It consists of two main filtration media:

1. **Sand Filter:** Sand is used as the first stage of filtration. It effectively removes larger particles, sediments, and debris from the water, improving clarity and reducing turbidity.

2. **Carbon Filter:** After passing through the sand filter, the water enters a carbon filter. Activated carbon, with its highly porous structure, adsorbs organic chemicals, chlorine, odors, and other impurities, making the water taste and smell better.

This system is often used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to treat well water, municipal water, or other water sources with varying levels of impurities. Sand & Carbon Filtration Systems are known for their reliability and efficiency in producing clean and safe water for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, and industrial processes.

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