Aqua Best Water Filter Shop in Dubai, UAE offers a wide selection of top-quality water filtration systems and products. With a reputation for reliability and effectiveness, Aqua Best provides solutions to ensure clean, pure, and safe drinking water for homes and businesses in the region.

  • 3 stage ro system

    In Dubai, where water quality is of paramount importance, the 3 stage reverse osmosis (RO) system is the ideal choice for purifying municipal water. With its advanced filtration technology, this system ensures the delivery of clean, safe, and high-quality drinking water to households and businesses throughout the city.

    3 stage ro system

    The first stage of the 3-stage RO system typically incorporates a sediment filter, which effectively removes larger particles like dirt, sand, and rust. This initial filtration step protects the subsequent filters and prevents clogging, ensuring the optimal performance of the system. In a city like Dubai, where sand and dust are prevalent, this stage plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality.

    The second stage features an activated carbon filter, which efficiently eliminates chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other chemical contaminants that can affect the taste and odor of the water. Dubai’s municipal water supply often contains chlorine for disinfection purposes, and the activated carbon filter removes this residual chlorine, resulting in improved taste and odor of the drinking water.

    The third and most critical stage of the RO system is the reverse osmosis membrane. This semi-permeable membrane effectively removes dissolved solids, including heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, ensuring the highest level of water purification. With Dubai’s growing population and increasing water demands, the 3-stage RO system provides a reliable solution to ensure the safety and quality of the water supply.

    Using a 3-stage RO system in Dubai offers several benefits. It provides an extra layer of protection against impurities and contaminants, ensuring that the water you consume is of the highest quality. Additionally, it reduces dependence on bottled water, promoting sustainability and reducing plastic waste in the city.

    In conclusion, for municipal water in Dubai, the 3-stage RO system is the best choice. Its multi-stage filtration process effectively removes impurities, improves taste and odor, and ensures the delivery of clean and safe drinking water. Invest in a 3-stage RO system to enjoy the numerous benefits it offers in enhancing water quality in Dubai.

  • 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet

    Aqua Best Ultraviolet UV 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet In Dubai UAE

    Aqua Best Provides UV 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet in Dubai UAE

    Aqua Best Ultraviolet UV 6 GPM UV-Ultraviolet in Dubai UAE

    Aqua Best Ultraviolet 6 GPM aqua Best UV water sterilizer is best for your house. It can keep your entire family safe from all water related problems. Choose Aqua Best and stay safe. Aqua Best is committed to give best water filtration system in Dubai.

    Aqua Best Ultraviolet high quality Pure UV Ultraviolet Water sterilization systems provide a 99.99% reduction in bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts. Standard Aqua Best UV-Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer units deliver a 30,000mw/cm UV dose at a 254 nm wave length (at rated flow). Standard units have an audible and visible on/off lamp failure alarm, optional models sophisticated with UV intensity monitor to advice the safety wave length and elapsed time meter to advice when the lamp is to be replaced are also available


    1. Heavy duty stainless steel pressure vessel
    2. Heavy duty quartz sleeve
    3. High output, hard glass UV lamps for maximum efficiency
    4. CE ballast with lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer
    5. Ceramic end cap of UV lamp
    6. 30000mic. watt sec/cm2 at energy of 253.7nm wave length
    7. Working pressure 125PSI
    8. Low power consumption
    9. 9000 hours lamp life (approx. 1 year of use)
    10. 110/220V, 50HZ/60HZ
    11. Vertical or Horizontal installation
    12. UV light Monitor available
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