Maximum Pressure – 90 psi (6.2 bar)

Flow Rate – up to 40 gpm (151.4 Lpm)


All housing filters are manufactured of a durable polypropylene, have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for many residential, commercial and industrial applications.

It Reduces

  • Rust Particles
  • Iron
  • sediment
  • Bad taste & Odours
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Color Reduction
  • Organic Reduction
  • Deionization


  1. Usman (verified owner)

    Aqua Best is a leading water filter supplier in Dubai, UAE, offering top-quality products and services. Their 7-stage RO system ensures thorough filtration, removing contaminants and impurities for clean and safe drinking water. They also provide whole house water filters, ensuring pure water for all household uses. Additionally, their water softeners help reduce hardness, protecting pipes and appliances. Trust Aqua Best for the best water filter solutions in the UAE.

  2. admin

    Filtration Performance: The Pentek Twin Jumbo utilizes two large filter housings, allowing for dual-stage filtration. This design enhances its ability to remove various contaminants from water, including sediments, chlorine, taste, odor, and other impurities. The system’s filters are compatible with a wide range of filter cartridges, giving users flexibility in choosing the right combination for their specific water needs.

    Water Flow and Capacity: With its jumbo-sized filter housings, the Pentek Twin Jumbo offers a significant advantage in terms of flow rate and capacity. The larger size allows for higher water flow rates, ensuring an adequate supply of filtered water even during peak demand periods. Additionally, the system’s larger capacity means longer filter life and less frequent filter replacements.

    Durability and Build Quality: The Pentek Twin Jumbo is constructed with durable materials that ensure longevity and reliability. The filter housings are made of robust polypropylene, which is resistant to corrosion and provides excellent structural integrity. This durability is crucial for maintaining consistent filtration performance over time.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance: The system is designed for straightforward installation, and it comes with the necessary mounting bracket and pressure relief valve. The user-friendly design allows for easy filter cartridge replacements, minimizing downtime and simplifying maintenance tasks. Clear housing sumps also provide visual monitoring of the filters, making it easy to determine when replacements are needed.

  3. Yousef (verified owner)

    Installing the Aqua Best water filter is simple and efficient. Enjoy clean, purified water with ease. Enhance your health and well-being by ensuring quality hydration. Experience the Aqua Best difference today.

  4. Farah  (verified owner)

    Aqua Best water filters boast seamless installation with user-friendly instructions. Their high-quality filter cartridges effectively remove impurities, providing crystal-clear water. Trust Aqua Best for reliable, long-lasting filtration solutions that exceed expectations.

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