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Pentair Simplex Water Softeners Supplier in Dubai

Aqua Best Water Softener Supplier in Dubai

Aqua Best Supply Pentair Simplex water softeners With Pentair Control Valve USA. Aqua Best are available in a range of sizes, from 10 GPD up to 500 GPM making them ideal solutions for when moderate amounts of softened water is required throughout the day.

Aqua Best Supply Pentair Simplex Water Softeners

90% of prepared food and table salt contains more elevated levels of sodium than delicate water. The measure of Sodium delicate water contains doesn & hurt your wellbeing however one should check with a nearby doctor in regards to their permitted sodium consumption before purchasing a water conditioner.

Aqua Best FRP Automatic Water Softeners Regeneration Process

Aqua Best FRP Automatic Water softeners work by removing magnesium and/or calcium ions from the water. It does this by swapping the calcium/magnesium ions with sodium ions in a process called ion exchange. Eventually the resin will require regeneration as the sodium ions are exhausted. Regeneration uses a saltwater solution from a brine tank to recharge the resin with sodium ions and remove the magnesium/calcium ions. The resin is also rinsed to remove any clogs or deposits and to remove any excess salt build-up from the regeneration process.

Aqua Best Supply Pentair Simplex water softeners Specification

  • Model number: 13×54 – 16×65- 21×63 – 24×69 – 30×72 – 84×82
  • Mineral Tank Size (Inches): 13×54 – 1665- 21×63 – 24×69 – 30×72 – 84×82
  • Service Flow: 15- 21-39- 48 Up to 330 GPM



Why Choose The Simplex Range

  • High performance for a range of industrial and commercial applications
  • Multi port valve that allows for automatic regeneration
  • High flow rates compared to domestic systems
  • Separate brine tank for ease of maintenance


Water Softener Supplier in Dubai

11 reviews for Water Softener Supplier in Dubai

  1. admin

    I’m very happy with the quality of Aquafilteruae.ae’s water filters. Their team was knowledgeable and professional, and the improvement in water quality is significant. I feel much better knowing that my family is drinking clean, filtered water, and I would recommend their services to anyone.

  2. Abdul Naseer  (verified owner)

    Aqua Best, a leading water filter supplier in Dubai, offers a range of high-quality products for clean water. Their 7-stage RO system, whole house water filter, and water softener ensure pure and mineral-free water for your home. Aqua Best provides top-notch service and offers products made in Taiwan and the USA, ensuring excellent performance and reliability. Experience the best water quality with Aqua Best in the UAE.

  3. Luis (verified owner)

    Aqua Best is a trusted water filter supplier renowned for its top-quality products and exceptional service. With their water filters, you can enjoy clean and purified water at home. What sets them apart is their generous offer of 1-year free service, ensuring a hassle-free experience from installation to maintenance. Choose Aqua Best for pure water and peace of mind.

  4. Wayne (verified owner)

    Aqua Best UAE offers industrial RO water systems that deliver reliable and high-quality water treatment solutions for industrial applications.

  5. Eddie (verified owner)

    Aqua Best Reverse Osmosis System: Aqua Best offers premium reverse osmosis systems in Dubai, delivering exceptional filtration performance and removing even the tiniest particles, chemicals, and odors from your water supply.

  6. Reese (verified owner)

    Aqua Best UAE is a trusted supplier of commercial RO systems, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the water treatment needs of commercial establishments. Their commercial RO systems are designed to deliver efficient water purification, ensuring the provision of clean and safe water for various applications, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more.

  7. Hameed  (verified owner)

    Aqua Best is a leading water filter supplier, renowned for its exceptional products and services. With their top-notch filtration systems, they provide clean and safe drinking water. Customers enjoy the added benefit of a complimentary one-year service package, including professional installation. Aqua Best is your trusted choice for pure and worry-free hydration.

  8. Areej  (verified owner)

    Water Filtration System for the Home: Create a safe haven for your family by installing a water filtration system specifically designed for residential use, providing clean and purified water from every faucet.

  9. Wells (verified owner)

    Aqua Best is a leading water filter supplier in Dubai, providing top-notch services for residential needs. Their 7-stage RO system ensures pure and clean drinking water by removing contaminants. Additionally, they offer whole house water filters that provide filtered water for all household needs. Aqua Best also provides efficient water softeners to combat hard water problems.

  10. Lawson (verified owner)

    Aqua Best UAE offers commercial reverse osmosis water filtration systems for efficient water purification in commercial settings.

  11. Marcel (verified owner)

    Aqua Best is a leading water filter supplier, providing top-quality filtration systems. With their exceptional service, customers not only receive expert installation but also enjoy the added benefit of one year of free maintenance. Trust Aqua Best for clean, purified water and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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